About Us

Meet your publicans

Tony & Vicki Carter

Tony and Vicki love to host and their drive behind restoring this old run-down pub is to create a hub for the community to come together, connect, celebrate, commiserate, party, and just enjoy each other’s company. Tony and Vic operate under the motto that “our house is your house” and treat all their guests like family. They want the QL to feel like a home away from home for everyone who visits.
Being Goondiwindi locals, born and bred here, it was important that this charming old pub, rich in history, stayed locally owned and family-run. Sitting by the Macintyre River with a small batch rum in hand, Tony and Vic, together with Jeff and Christine Carter and, Dwaune and Vanessa Mendes, made the decision to try their hands and become Publicans.  And the rest is history.
After 30 years in the building game, Tony and Vic have learned a lot along the way. They have hit the ground running and are grateful for the support and encouragement they receive from the team and community.

The QL renovations

Tony and Vicki, together with the Goondiwindi community, are very excited to see the renovations at the QL begin to take shape.  The history and the stories that are being uncovered at every corner are incredible and it’s a joy to be a part of.  Tackling such a large project, the Renovations Team have loved creating the backyard beer garden as the centrepiece of the pub as it has been brilliant seeing the pit and the public bar come together too.  We can’t wait to get started on the restaurant, accommodation, bathrooms, and common areas.  The exterior of the hotel is the current project, amongst many others, and we are looking forward to seeing beautiful signage go up shortly that is pictured on our home page.  We are also thrilled to commence work on the QL Quarters across the laneway, offering additional accommodation to guests.  When you visit, check out the old original plans for the pub that we have hanging on the wall.

The History of the QL

The Queensland Hotel has a long and rich history standing proudly in our lovely regional town of Goondiwindi for the last 145 years. Established in 1878, this old pub has seen many changes and many publicans at the helm. We love to read and hear stories from our fellow community members as it has evolved over the decades.

A few of our QL Team

If you’d like to be a part of our team, we would love to hear from you.